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With more than 50 years of trial experience, representing both individuals and the companies they own, the lawyers of Rhoades LLC have the experience, capabilities and relationships to get clients through some of the toughest times of their lives.

Practice Areas

Given our business model - with low overhead, novel workflow techniques and scalable resources - we are able to stand toe-to-toe with even the biggest adversaries to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Commercial Litigation

Contracts rule in the business world. However, sometimes your business partner ignores the letter – and sometimes the spirit of the deal. Or sometimes a competitor interferes with your contracts with your key customers or suppliers. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing businesses and individuals seeking to enforce their contracts. No matter whether we representing a company with $100,000 million in revenue or a minority shareholder in a closely-held corporation, we will ensure that you will get the benefit of the bargain that you negotiated. And we particularly enjoy representing the underdog and are always up to the challenge of taking on Fortune 100 companies for our clients.

Employment Litigation

Sexual harassment, age discrimination, racial discrimination and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act all occur on a regular basis in the work place. Raising questions about the legality of your employer’s action can be daunting with fear that you may be subject to retaliation and alienation by your co-workers. We understand those challenges and will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. We have decades of experience representing employees when they are faced with the challenge of unfairness in the workplace. Call us today if you have been the target of unfairness in your workplace.

Consumer Fraud Litigation

If you have ever thought that something just doesn’t seem fair – like a product was falsely advertised or didn’t perform as promised, or a business unfairly took advantage of the fine print in a contract – there are laws that protect consumers. The Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law in Pennsylvania and the Consumer Fraud Act in New Jersey allow consumers to sue for those unfair practices and, if we are successful on your behalf, you will receive triple the damages that you suffered as well as the reimbursement of your attorneys’ fee. We have decades of experience representing consumers in these cases and are always looking for the opportunity to grow this area of our practice.

Legal Malpractice Litigation

Unfortunately, sometimes the lawyer you expected to help, actually makes the situation worse. Then, when you look for someone to help, you learn that most lawyers refuse to sue other lawyers. In situations where the lawyer’s actions are clearly wrong and violate the duties owed to their clients, we are there to help.

Attorney Fee Dispute Litigation

Sometimes, lawyers need lawyers. We have developed a niche practice of negotiating fee disputes among lawyers. With a special emphasis on class action fee disputes, we have the experience, resources and tenaciousness to go after the fees that you are owed under co-counsel and fee sharing arrangements. We are one of the few firms with the experience to assist other lawyers with the challenge of fee disputes. We know how to apply pressure by working with claims administrators to ensure that the fees owed are actually paid and received by our clients.

Class Action Opt-Out Litigation

One of the most overlooked pieces of mail you will ever receive are the notice of class action settlement that everyone receives. Those cards are sent to advise you that a lawyer – whom you have never meet – has just negotiated away your right to recover significant damages in a consumer fraud case. Whenever you see one of those postcards in the mail, don’t throw it away! Instead of accepting pennies on the dollar for your claims – call us! We have extensive experience in representing people who have “opted out” of accepting the paltry settlements offered and instead negotiated an individual settlement higher than the one negotiated for the class.

Business Divorce Litigation and Counseling

Owning a business with a partner is a lot like a marriage. As business owners, we know the challenges of owning and operating a business with partners. When your business relationships sour, the break-up involves the dividing of assets much like when a couple divorces. That’s why we refer to business breakups as business divorce. If you are fighting with your business partner and need to negotiate an exit, or if you learn that your business partner has not put your business’s interest above their own self-interest, you need our advice and guidance. No matter whether the dispute is resolved in a negotiation or requires the filing of a preliminary injunction to protect your interests, we have the experience, creativity and tenacity to guide you through the process.

Whistleblower Litigation

If you have observed a business practice of your employer that you believe violates the law and want to do something about it, you are a potential whistleblower. Deciding to speak up and try to change a company’s business practices is a process fraught with anxiety and fear. However, depending on the industry, the rewards to speaking out are substantial. Some of the most significant changes in corporate actions have originated from the actions of a whistleblower. If you have information regarding questionable business practices, contact us to discuss your options.

Will Disputes

After a loved one dies and the grieving is over, sometimes the heirs disagree about how the deceased’s estate will be handled. These disputes have a life-long impact on your familial relationships and, likewise, can have a life-long impact on your financial security. We have years of experience litigating in Orphan’s Court to adjudicate will disputes. So if you believe that you are not receiving your fair share of a loved one’s estate, please contact us to discuss your options.

Personal Injury

No matter whether you are a construction worker who fell through an elevated work platform without OSHA required guardrails causing catastrophic injuries to your feet and ankles, whether you are the owner of a defective vehicle that ran over you when you exited after placing the car in park, or whether you were seriously injured from a rear-end collision – ALL ACTUAL CASES THAT WE HAVE HANDLED FOR OUR CLIENTS – we have the skill, expertise and aggressiveness to battle with insurance companies to get the best financial recoveries possible. If you or a family member have been seriously injured, don’t hesitate to contact us today!



Case Results

"Mark did a really great job in helping me get the significant amount of money that was owed to me by my former employer"

"Mark always kept me updated with the process and that made it easy for me to relax and know that my interests were protected."

"When I thought I lost with nowhere to turn, Mark came through for me!"

"He was not afraid to fight a large, publicly traded company on my behalf!"

"I am truly thankful that he took on my case and won it!"

“It was definitely a pleasure to work with Mark Rhoades and I would recommend him to anyone!”

“Mark took legal action against a large, publicly-traded corporation that has a reputation for playing hard ball with subcontractors and management level employees like myself.”

“Mark took legal action against a large, publicly-traded corporation that has a reputation for playing hard ball with subcontractors and management level employees like myself.”

“In just a few short weeks, Mark negotiated aggressively with the company and convinced them to award me the compensation to which I was entitled under my contract.”

 “Mark was assertive and always immediately responsive to both me and the company’s counsel – responsiveness that led to a quick resolution of the dispute.”

“With Mark’s advice and counsel, the settlement far exceeded my expectations.”

“I would recommend Mark, without hesitation, to any business person facing a potential contract dispute.”

“I couldn't have been more happy, or fortunate, to have Mark on my side during my class action lawsuit case.”

“Not only is he a true expert in his field, but he was also a pleasure to be around and was quite helpful with my questions and concerns along the way.”

“I would without a doubt recommend Mark and his team to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

“Mark Rhoades showed passion, tenacity, and attention to detail in pursuing our employment litigation.”

“While other attorneys I approached were willing to ‘write a letter’ and go through the motions, Mark researched our case thoroughly and developed a successful strategy to compel our previous employer to compensate us for our ownership interest in the company.”

“Mark believed in our case and wanted to right a wrong, always having our best interests in mind.”

“Mark Rhoades and his team made me feel at ease with the legal process.”

“He was very detailed, efficient, and constantly provided all of the necessary information in the case in a very understandable manner.”

“I know I wasn’t Mark’s only client, but it sure felt like I was.”

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